LEE S100 Deluxe Kit inkl. Filterhalter

Deluxe Kit 100mm
  • Filterhalter mit bis zu 3 Filtersteckplätzen
  • CPL-Filter für sattere Farben
  • Inkludiert Lee Filters 100mm Filter System Filterhalter
  • Inkludiert Big Stopper ND 3.0 Filter
  • Inkludiert folgende Verlaufsfilter:

LEE SW150 Starter Kit Nikon14-24mm

SW150 Starter Kit Nikon14-24mm
  • Everything you need to get started.
  • The holder for the SW150 Filter System is sold as a Starter Kit, which comprises the SW150 filter holder, the adaptor collar for the lens, one 0.6ND (two-stop) hard graduated filter (150x170mm) and a Neoprene lens cap (not pictured) to offer some protection to the lens when the holder is not attached.

LEE 105mm Circ.Polarizer

105mm Circ.Polarizer
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  • 105mm Rotating Polariser: Circular Effect
  • Ideal polariser for autofocus SLR cameras.
  • Attaches to the filter system via a 105mm Accessory Ring which fits to the front of the filter holder, allowing the polariser to rotate independently.

LEE ND Grad Hard Filter Set150x100

ND Grad Hard Filter Set150x100
  • 100mm Neutral Density Grad Set - Hard
  • 0.3 Neutral Density Hard Grad
  • Reduces exposure by 1 stop without affecting colour balance. Hard transition from dark to light.
  • 0.6 Neutral Density Hard Grad
  • Reduces exposure by 2 stops without affecting colour balance. Hard transition from dark to light.

LEE Foundation Kit Holder System

Foundation Kit Holder System
  • t the core of the LEE Filters system is the holder, which comes assembled with two filter slots but can easily be adapted to take up to four filters.
  • The holder is designed to be compatible with 100mm filters – our standard width. To fit the holder to the lens, an adaptor ring is required.
  • There are two types of LEE Filter adaptor ring:
  • one for general use, and one for wide-angle lenses.

LEE Inspiring Professionals 2

Inspiring Professionals 2
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  • Our new book ‘Inspiring Professionals 2’ is beautifully designed and lavishly illustrated with photographs that demonstrate the creative potential of filters around the themes of Buildings, Coast, Handheld and Travel, Mountains, Sky, Snow and Ice, and Water.

LEE Inspiring Professionals 1

Inspiring Professionals 1
  • Produced by LEE Filters, with contributions from professionals at the top of their field, the book features not only some of the finest landscape and architectural photography, but also numerous hints and tips from the likes of Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite, David Ward, Mark Denton, John Gravett, David Noton, Jeremy Walker and Tom Mackie.