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Product Description

DigiMOTOR 3, along with DigiDRIVE, will allow to incredibly increase the features of every SMART3 DOLLY turning it in a real motorized system equipped with a full digital motion control.

With DigiMOTOR 3 on your SMART3 DOLLY you’ll be able to create beautiful ultra-smooth camera movements and astonishing straight, circular or 360° hyperlapses ad time lapses.

No key are necessary to mount it on your SMART3 DOLLY. Completely Tool Free.

Thanks to the quality of its motor, DigiMOTOR 3 guarantees an high level of accuracy in the angular positioning (0.0000073 degrees).

Create smooth straight or circular movements, rotate around any subject or at 360 degrees… It’s never been so easy.

Realize impressive circular slow motion, stop-motion or time-lapse thanks to the power of the DigiDRIVE

Furthermore, the DigiMOTOR 3 kit completely satisfies the safety requirements demanded by the Machinery Directive 2006-42 CE
In the box:

1x DigiMOTOR 3
1x Motor Cable
2x Fixing Knobs
1x Padded Bag

Technical Specifications

Minimum Velocity (straight line) : 0.1 mm/sec
Maximum Velocity (straight line) : 100 mm/sec

Packaging Dimensions

Size : 300 mm x 340 mm x 130 mm / 11.8″ x 15.5″ x 5.1″
Weight : 3.00 kg / 6.61 lbs