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    CFast 2.0 Cards Built for Continuous Shooting and Extensive RAW Video Recording

    The ubiquity of cinema and DSLR digital cameras that now support extensive RAW recording have been an absolute game changer in the creative production world. Today’s advancements in post-production capabilities demands that you shoot in RAW to ensure that your creative work can see it’s full potential. As higher resolutions and even higher fps captures continue to break boundaries, CFast 2.0 has become the most widely compatible memory media, keeping pace with expanding professional digital camera technologies.

    Technische Daten

    • 2x 256 GB
    • fastRead Speed up to 560 MB/s
    • Write Speed up to 498 MB/s
    • Adaptive thermal protection iconStable Stream™
    • stable stream iconCFast 2.0 Compatible
    • VPG 130 Compliant
    • X-ray & magnetic proofX-Ray & Magnetic Proof
    • ESD & overload protection iconESD & Overload
    • Protection
    • Rock-solid build iconRock-Solid Build
    • temperatureOperation: 0 °C | 70 °C
    • Storage: -40 °C | 85 °C
    • 3-year limited warranty iconFree Engraving Option
    • CNC-worked, aluminium heatsink icon3-Year Limited Warranty