ANGELBIRD Match Pack f.Canon EOS C200 V90

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    This pack of two AV PRO SD 128GB cards and a AV PRO CF 256GB CFast card is the perfect match for your Canon EOS C200 Cinema Camera.

    Fully equip each storage slot on the camera, and unlock all recording modes.


    Not each SD or CFast card is made equal, therefore the AV PRO SD and AV PRO CF cards in this MATCH PACK were designed to be fully compatible with the Canon EOS C200 Cinema Camera.

    RAW Recording

    Record to the AV PRO CF card in any Cinema RAW Light recording setting, up to 4K 60P. With a sustained write speed of 400 MB/s the AV PRO CF can handle it all with ease.

    Check the AV PRO CF page for all the details about the AV PRO CF card.

    SD Recording Options

    With the two AV PRO SD 128GB cards, you get two new powerful recording options.

    Enable Double Slot Recording to record simultaneously to both SD cards. This is an easy way to get a backup recording.

    Use Relay Recording for long-time recording. In this recording mode, the camera automatically switches to the next SD card when the first is full.

    Check the AV PRO SD page for full details on the AV PRO SD cards.

    Beyond V90

    The AV PRO SD cards included in this MATCH PACK support a sustained write speed of 260 MB/s. This goes far beyond the 90 MB/s required for V90 compatibility.